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The Fleece Cover is a rectangle fleece liner that can be used year round - as an accessory or as a standalone bag. It is a great "accessory", even if you already have several bags. It can help add extra warmth on those extra cold nights. As a standalone bag, it can be used in warmer temperatures when you only need a very lightweight bag. It comes with a fleece carry case that features a handle for easy transport and can be stuffed with extra clothing to make a comfortable pillow. With a bag that works, whether it is warm or cold, you can't go wrong with this choice®Õ a value that lasts all year long!


- Charcoal Polyester Fleece Fabric
- Fleece Carry Case with Handle Included for Easy Transport
- Carry Case Can Double as a Pillow When Stuffed with Clothing


- Fleece Bag Size: 33" x 80"
- Fleece Carry Case Size: 19.5" x 14"
- Weight: 1 lb. 15 oz.
- Color: Gray