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FLIR XLR-IR850 Illuminator w/Adapter #21

FLIR XLR-IR850 Illuminator w/Adapter #21

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The water-resistant XLR-IR850 X-Long Range Illuminator from Armasight will provide supplemental infrared illumination for your night vision devices in environments with little or no ambient infrared light. The illuminator features a high power infrared LED with a brightness control and a light-shaping optic for controlling spreading of the beam. With the maximum output power of 1000mW, you can have adequate illumination of your targets even in situations with very little or no natural infrared light. Also included are a rechargeable battery and a charger.


- Illuminator For Night Vision Devices
- #21 Dovetail-Weaver Transfer Peice
- LED Infrared Emitter: 850nm
- 1000mW Output / Adjustable Power
- Adjustable Light Cone: 2-50¡
- Mounted or Handheld Operation


- Armasight XLR-IR850 X-Long Range Illuminator (Dovetail to Weaver Adapter #21)
- Dovetail to Weaver Adapter #21
- 18650 Rechargeable Battery Charger


- IR Emitter Outputs: LED
- Wavelength: 850 nm
- Beam Divergence: 2-50¡
- Power: 1000 mW maximum
- Battery / Runtime: 1 x 18650 (3.7 V) rechargeable battery / 3.5 hr max
- Environmental Rating: Water resistant
- Overall Dimensions: 5.9" x 1.8" x 1.8"
- Weight: 7.4 oz.