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Mess Kit, Black Ice H. A. The Pathfinder - GhillieSuitShop

Mess Kit, Black Ice H. A. The Pathfinder - GhillieSuitShop

$ 29.60

The Texsport Pathfinder Black Ice mess kit is perfect for camp cooking and includes a 6.5" fry pan with insulated handle, a 6.5" fry pan cover/plate, a 1/2 quart boiling pot and an 8 ounce plastic cup. The anodized abrasion resistant surfaces and triple coat Quantum non stick interiors make cooking outdoors easy.


- Hard anodization process alters and hardens structure of cookware surface making it abrasion resistant
- Twice as hard as stainless steel
- Combines the best attributes of a hard surface treatment and the even heat transfer of aluminum
- Lightweight and durable
- Combined with triple coat Quantum2 non-stick interior surface this cookware makes for easy cleaning and healthy cooking

Set nests together containing:

- 6-1/2" fry pan with Xylan Single coat non-stick finish and locking folding "stay cool" insulated handle
- 6-1/2" fry pan Cover/plate
- 1/2 quart boiling pot with cover
- 8 oz. plastic cup