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Propane, Auto Light Double Mantle Lantern - GhillieSuitShop

Propane, Auto Light Double Mantle Lantern - GhillieSuitShop

$ 42.90

The Texsport Double Mantle Propane Lantern will ignite in all weather conditions with the electronic ignition system. Use the control knob to adjust the mantle up to 600 candle-power illumination. The Double Mantle features a heat resistant globe, baked enamel hood, metal socket injector, pressure regulator brass valve, carry handle, and large paddle foot plastic base. When set on the maximum setting the lantern will burn for six hours.


- Electronic ignition system - no matches needed
- Ignites in all weather as stored energy produces spark for instant light
- Double mantles adjust to 600 candle-power illumination
- Control knob for adjusting light intensity
- Heat resistant globe
- Baked enamel hood
- Metal socket injector
- Pressure regulator brass valve
- Carry handle
- Large paddlefoot plastic base for greater stability
- Uses 16.4 oz. or 14.1 oz. disposable propane fuel cylinder (not included)
- Burns six hours at maximum setting
- Display box