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Zombie Variety Pack (12/Pk),Zombie Target - GhillieSuitShop

Zombie Variety Pack (12/Pk),Zombie Target - GhillieSuitShop

$ 13.50

Warning! Zombie Sightings Are Increasing. It's Official! We are all seeing more zombies lately. Just look on your TV. We must begin preparation to combat this increasing menace. It is everyone's responsibility. That's why Zombie Dot Targets are so important. Be Ready! Practice precise bullet placement. For your future, your family and the way of life, please sharpen your zombie stopping skills. Remember zombies are notorious for poor personal hygiene and inadequate social skills. Frankly, nobody likes zombies, so you can shoot at Zombie Dot Targets at any range. Spread the word. Help keep your town safe from the zombie menace. Get your Zombie Dot Targets at responsible firearms and sporting goods dealers.


- Size: 8" Target
- Quantity: 12 per pack
- Contains 3 of each style
- Zombie Variety Pack