7 things to do before start hunting

7 things to do before start hunting

Hunting is a very exciting experience and everyone would wish to come back with a big trophy on the first trip; but on real life things don't work that way. 

To become a successful hunter it's mandatory to start with the basics and continue learning until mastery is reached, otherwise a complete failure is guaranteed.

The same way a musician needs to know how to read music, know the instrument and be aware of the basic principles of melody before becoming a big concertist; a hunter needs to know as much as possible about safety, gear, terrain, animal behaviour and so on. Only after a long way of learning, as well assay and mistake, the mastery is reached and we become world class hunters.

In order to clarify the first steps towards success, the following tips will be useful:

1. Safety First, so even before thinking to explore the bushes it's mandatory to complete a hunting safety course.Beginner hunter

You don't wish to come back home hurt or dead, so when you are going out there with a gun, it's a good idea to know how to keep you and your hunting fellows safe.

2. Get a licence. There's no other way, the law is the law and you need a licence to hunt, otherwise you will face many troubles with the authorities.

3. Find a mentor. You may read a myriad of hunting books and guides but you won't be really learning until you go out with an experienced hunter. On your firsts trips you probably won't touch a gun, but that doesn't matters. The aim is to learn how to track, ambush and kill an animal; so keep your eyes wide open and don't miss a detail of what your mentor is doing; that's the best way to learn.

4. Be familiar with local laws and regulations. Once again you must comply with the law, so be aware of what's allowed and what not as well about season dates and every single detail related to hunting regulations. Be sure to comply with the law to stay away from unnecessary troubles.

5. Know your gun and how to handle it safely. Most of accidents occur because of gun fire improper management, so take enough time to learn how your gun operates, which are the safety measures and the proper utilization in order to keep you and your partners safe.

6. Practice shooting. After all you don't wish to miss a big trophy after days of stalking just because your aim is bad; so practice, practice and practice, no matter if you hunt with a gun or with a bow, practice as much as you can to avoid missing that critical, single shot to take your trophy down.

7. Start small. Everyone wish to kill a buck deer on the first hunting trip and even when it's possible, that does not mean you are an expert deer hunter. Instead begin with small games to gain skills such as patience and stealth.

Once you know everything you need about small games you can scale up to the next level, one step at a time, then one day you will be chasing the biggest games on the bushes.

Hunting is a complex task and it will take time to get all the required skills to become a master; so take it easy and get your time; enjoy your hunting trips and learn as much as you can everyday; that's the only way to become a big hunter one day.



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