Ghillie Suit Care Instruction



1) Store your Ghillie suit in a cardboard box, or other breathable container so it won’t absorb water. If you do get a musty smell, hang your suit outside. Some people like to add natural scents to their Ghillie suit. If you hunt near pine trees, add pine branches, and pine cones. If you hunt near cedar trees, add cedar pieces. Turn your Ghillie suit inside out, (but not the sleeves), and roll up to store, or attach to a backpack.

2) After your suit has been folded Away for some time, it may be Necessary to fluff it up again. Hang your suit outside on a clothes Line, and use your fingers as the comb.     Comb the suit in a downward fashion until all of the snarls are gone.

3) Hand Wash your Ghillie suit in cool water only. Agitate by hand. Most time’s detergent is not needed. If you have a stain that will not come out with cold water, use only non-bleach detergent made for colorfast washings in cold water only.     Most times since your suit is worn on the outside, you may never have to wash it. The added dirt can add to the appearance.

4) If you plan on adding Fire-proof-it spray, and Water-Proof-it spray, always apply the Fire-proof-it spray first! Allow to fully dry then spray your suit with the Water-Proof-it spray. Once your suit is completely dry, cleaning will be a lot easier, and may never have to be done except the occasional spot cleaning.