Turkey Hunting. When and Where


Even when smaller than deers or boars and with a brain representing less than 2% of tehir total weight, turkeys are not an easy catch due to their paranoid behavior, so patience and knowledge are the keys to succeed when hunting turkeys.

First of all you must know where and when hunt turkeys.

Despite being spread all across U.S., turkeys need certain conditions to prosperate, so to find out the right habitat for them will increase hunter's possibilities of success, so you must find the right place which is characterized because of free access to water, food and shelter.

You would be tempted to look to woods while all the three conditions are found there, however that's not a good idea, in fact, turkeys prefer areas with a mix of open areas and woods, so look at the edge of the forrest

Once you have found their habitat, it's important to be sure you are on publicWhere and When hunt turkeys lands, otherwise problems could arise because of hunting on private lands; nevertheless turkey hunting on public lands usually is feasible and free of problems; check your state guide for turkey hunting to find out multitude of national parks and forrests where turkey hunting is allowed.

Now you now where, it's time to find out when is it possible to go for those turkeys and here you'll find huge variations among states.

With the exception of Alaska, every U.S. state has a spring season beginning for turkey hunting which can be as soon as March 1st on the southern states and as late as May 3rd on northern states such as Maine. Everything depends of the local climate and the associated breeding period of the birds.

Each year every state publish a guide with the hunting season opening dates, so, its consultation will be very useful.

You are almost done to hunt turkeys while you know where and when seek them but ... do you know the proper technique?

We will discuss it shortly....

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