Turkey Hunting Technical Tips

Turkeys may not be the biggest catches but they are still evasive and hard to find, so hunting such a paranoid bird is not just to take a firearm and go out to shoot the first one we see, but actually is a matter of technique.

Now that you are familiar with turkeys habits, behavior and habitat, you may take edge of your knowledge to facilitate your catch, especially of the following tips, all of them intended to increases your chances when hunting turkeys.

First of all remember: Turkey hunting is not a one day matter; in fact, preseason scout will help a lot when the actions starts; so explore as much as possible your hunting ground, listen carefully and observe.

Spring is the turkeys breeding season then the male birds begin to loud gobling as a way to announce hens that they are in the area. At this point, even when you are not to shoot any bird yet; listening the goblings and observing the best breeding areas, you will be able to anticipate where to find turkeys once the hunting season begins, since being territorial you will probably find them on the last area they were located.

Even before the season begins, in fact, several months before, plant food plots near probably breeding areas (you will identify such areas if you know the preferred habitat of turkeys). Such plots will call turkeys attention while being a source of forrage, insects and everything they will need when breeding, thus the pre-season job planting food plots will pay back early.

Once spring begins, start calling like hens; you'll probably attract gobblers to you while they will be thinking you're a hen, then the fooled birds will be an easy catch.

At the end of the season, once the breeding has finished, goblers tend to regroup on solely males gangs, thus at this moment you'll get better results imitating turkey male voices in order to attract them to a males bang, while the interest on females is absent, now your best bet is to fooled them with a "fake" male gang.

Finally keep in mind that the most you hunt these birds, the most you will know them, and season after season you will find out a better way to set up your hunting strategy, with better results each year.

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