Turkey hunting essential gear

Turkey hunting essential gear

If you are new on turkey hunting or a experience hunter loving a lot of gear and gadgets, it might be a very hard task to decide what you need and what not among so many options on the stores and websites.

If you have not enough experience or you are just a kind of compulsive buyer of hunting stuff, you might end with a lot items which you really won't need and neither use, letting them at home when you go to woods.

In order to make your life easier, here you'll find the essential gear when turkey hunting. Of course individual needs and requirements must be addressed but from a general point of view, with this basic list you'll be ready to hit the field and shot down those birds.

The first and most obvious apparel is a shotgun but not whichever but one free of shinny surfaces which may alert turkeys about your presence in the area; so camo prints or solid black-matte are the best choice but if you still insist on a shinny, metal shotgun, be sure to have enough camo tape to cover as much as possible metal surfaces.

Now you have the gun it's time to find out the proper outfit,, particularly boots since you will need to be comfortable and dry to succeed on your hunting.

Camo clothing is useful while keeps you away from turkeys sight; it's not mandatory to wear a very expensive clothe; just make sure to count with the basic: pant, jacket, hat, face mask and gloves; in addition if you hunt on wet areas or rainy environments, make sure to count with a good, camo, rain cover.

Regarding boots, knee-high rubber or neoprene boots are essential on wet areas while ankle-high, hicking ones are better if you have in mind to cover long distances. When snakes are present on the area, be sure to count with a good pair of knee-high snake boots.

Now you are dressed up and armed, be sure to have at the reach of your hand at least one or two decoys and a couple of calls. Regardless of being box or diaphragm calls, you don't need to sound like a pro, but at least be sure to be able to fool the birds.

Finally find a good blind; even when many hunters don't like them; it's a good piece of apparel which will help you in many ways, since keeping you hidden from the bird's sight until being a good shelter in case of heavy rain.

Now you are ready for the field; please don't hesitate to invest some money on a good backpack; the last and perhaps most important of all gadgets because if you are not able to properly carry all your stuff on a comfortable way; surely you won't go to far.

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