Some secrets about wild turkeys to help you catch them

Some secrets about wild turkeys to help you catch them

Regarding turkey hunting, the most you know the better result you'll get because even when provided with a relative small brain; wild turkeys may be, and in fact are, elusive catches, so knowing its behaviors and preferences as well some curious facts about them, will give you an edge when the hunting season begins.

Below you'll find interesting and important facts about wild turkeys that probably will make the difference between success and fail on your next hunting.

1. Turkeys are a very prolific specie, with a growing population in all U.S. states except Alaska and Hawaii, where there's not an extensive turkeys population.

2. Even when it's everyday more frequent to see groups up to 50 individuals in fields, roadways and roadsides, to hunt a turkey is not easy due to their particular "six sense".

3. It's an extremely territorial critter; so when you detect a turkey scouting an area, you'll probably find it there when you come back.

4. Turkeys have an intricated communication system, so their noises are not to show you their possition but to call other sex individuals, send an alert and so on. Then, to succeed on turkey hunting, you must be familiar with all kinds of "turkey sounds" in order to properly interprect their meaning and act in consquence.

5. The "turkey sounds" may travel up to a mile, thus to ear them does not mean they are close; so be prepared for a long hiking.

6. Turkeys sight is one of the best among all birds, they are able to see the tiniest change on their environment and run away; no matter how good your camouflage is or how stills you are on your blind, most of times turkeys will be able to detect your presence and get lost into the forrest.

7. Usually turkeys prefer a woodland habitat with different trees species and if possible a tree free area. Their territory may extend up to a thousand acres!

8. They may be aggressive, and you may be sure they may hurt a human when feeling threatened.

As you may see, the fact of being a small brain bird does not mean you'll have an easy time on to woods catching them; so be prepared and be patient to use all the above secrets about turkeys to have and advantage over the bird.

You will need it!

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