2016 Kansas Fall Turkey Season is right here!

2016 Kansas Fall Turkey Season is right here!

For turkey hunters this is one of the most expected dates, turkey fall season opening, and this year is right here.

From October 1st until November 29th, Kansas turkey hunters will be allowed to hit the woods and go for their prizes!

Just make sure to have your turkey license up to date and purchase your permit, this may be done over the counter, online or both depending of each state.

Hunting will be allowed one and a half an hour before sunrise and sunset, so be sure to have a good rest if you are planning to go out early since it will be necessary to covert too much terrain on a very short time.

This year legal equipment are shotguns and muzzleloading shotguns with shot sizes 2-9. In case of hunting without fire weapons, recurve or Fall Turkey Seasoncompound bows as well crossbows are allowed. On the other hand, both fire weapons and arrow hunters will be allowed to use dogs this season.

It's important to contact your local state regulations for precise information regarding this years regulations and allowed units for fall turkey hunting.

For those who have never experienced fall turkey hunting, it's a big chance to learn a lot about turkeys behaviors and habits; on this season the birds have plenty of vocalization and are very active, thus going out to the woods will be very illustrating, particularly for those new.

It's very important to comply with regulations and limits since survival individuals from fall hunting season and winter, especially hens, will be responsible of spring nests keeping normal population levels.

The time is here and the clock is ticking, just set your equipment and start planning your next fall hunting trip. The season is not too long and there's a lot of terrain to covert, so let's start early!

Please be aware that season dates may vary among states, in New Hampshire for example, Turkey Fall Hunting Season for archers started on September 15th and will extend up to December 15th, while for fireweapons will be open only for a few days from October 10th to October 16th.

Remember to contact your local wildlife agency in order to have updated information on your area.

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