5 things to remember during Pheasant Hunting

5 things to remember during Pheasant Hunting

Pheasant hunting is a very popular activity with a lot of new enthusiasts each year, however to be successful among such a hunters crowd is not an easy task, so even when you will be able to catch a bunch of birds each season, complete the bag limit is something completely different and here you will find a few tips to keep in mind if you wish to succeed on the next season pheasant hunting.

First thing to do is go out earlier, and that's mean to go for those birds early in the season when the hot, dry weather keeps other hunters waiting until more favorable conditions.

Even when on dry weather it may be harder to find pheasants, the effort will pay, especially if you know to take advantage of weather conditions, so:

Hunt near water sources. During hot weather it will be a lot more easier to find birds near water ponds, creeks and any other water source, so place your hunting ground near water to increase your odds; but don't do it before scouting since it's mandatory to set up your hunting plan on an area with pheasant activity signs.

With the above in mind it's obvious you need to go out before hunting looking forPheasant Hunting Tips signs of pheasants activities such as roosters crowing or some birds crossing roads very fast, especially at dusk. 

Search near corn. Corn plantations are irresistible for pheasants, so the perfect area to look for them will be a corn plantation near water sources. If you are able to locate an area like it, your chances will increase 100%.

Use a dog. Even when many successful hunters are able to take down many pheasants by themselves, a good bird dog will increase your odds drastically. Many hunters prefer Labs but Pointers also do a great job not only finding pheasant but also helping hunters to ambush them and finally retrieving your catch.

Work as a team. Lonely hunters may succeed but they will need a lot more effort and time to achieve results like team's, so it's a good idea to count with some fellow hunters to go out for birds, and if you have a couple of good bird dogs, Even Better!

The aim is to ambush pheasants. Two or three hunters must set up their position uphill while the dog find the birds on high grass cover, once that's done, it's time for the lead hunter to slowly push birds uphill out of the cover slowly, walking towards them on a zig-zag pattern.

Birds will move forward beyond the cover until it ends and only then will fly away giving the shooters a great chance to take them down. Finally your bird dog will be in charge to retrieve all those pheasants.

It's a very effective technique even when not as easy as it seems, however with enough practice you and your team will master how to ambush pheasants and achieve the bag limit fast!

Are you ready to go out for pheasants next season?



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