A boot for every type of hunting

A boot for every type of hunting

Choosing boots is most than just finding the right size; it's all about comfort, insulation and support as you may find out here, butfar from it, there's still much more to know when choosing the best par of boots to go out onto the woods.

To have success out for your catches your boots need to be designed for an specific purpose but despite the differences between models, there's one common feature that must be present on every hunting boot: Waterproofness.

Regardless of the species you are looking for, moisture and hunting are always associated. From grass heavily laden up to springs and creeks, water is an issue to deal with properly if we wish to give a good end to our hunting trip.

There are many ways to make a boot waterproof but the most common is to sew an impermeable membrane between the inner lining and the outer shell, which keeps moisture and water away from your feet.Waterproofness is a key feature for a hunting boot

Once your boots feet great, have the proper insulation and are waterproof, it's time to decide about the best model for your intended task.

Depending of the season of the year, the size of your game and how much you will be walking, there are several types of boot, each one with particular features intended to addapt to your own requirements:

Upland boots are the best choice for bird hunters who will hike a lot; their soil-shedding sole and light lug will help to avoid mud from accumulating along the way, thus you won't need to carry with that extra weight, on the other hand, since most of bird hunting is performed on moderate terrain, a heavy sole is not mandatory while traction is not an issue.

Multi purpose boots are the most popular style because they fit almost every need from big-game to upland hunting. This type of boots are designed to be durable, provide good traction on different surfaces and be long lasting. Different models are available with different insulation level in order to allow the hunter to choose the best combination of features.

High Country Boots must be the natural choice for big game hunters since going behind elks, deer or sheep implies to go deep inside rough country, with an increased risk of a twisted ankle; thus extra support is a plus; in addition a heavy sole and a very resisting outer shell give to these boots extra strength to tolerate the abuses of walking, climbing and cross heavy mud terrain.

Clearly choosing the perfect pair of boots is as important and difficult as any other piece of apparel, thus take your time to properly evaluate your options and make the best choice


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