A ghillie net for what?

A ghillie net for what?

There's no doubt about it, a ghillie suit is the best way to conceal you from the environment rendering your presence almost undetectable for both, humans and animals, however, walking all day long in a bulky, hot ghillie suit is not the most convenient situation, especially during hot, summer days.

Certainly, in some circumstances, there's no better choice but a ghillie suit is not the first option for all hunting experiences, so there are alternative methods as effective as the ghillie suit but more convenient and economic.

We are talking about the ghillie net. Based on the same principles supporting the ghillie suit, this device is intended to conceal hunters under stationary positions.

Different for those hunters tracking and stalking, who need camouflage but still have high mobility, some stationary hunting styles don't have as much movement, so concealing the position is more important than concealing the hunter.

Ghillie net

That's the case for waterfowl hunters as well as deer hunters doing their job from a tree stand or hunting blind.

In all the aforementioned situations the hunters remain stationary in a restricted area waiting for their chance to shoot down a prey, so the position needs to be concealed rather than the people inside the hunting spot.

Moreover, hunters will be more comfortable and will be allowed with some movement (remember, movement equals sound and that's not stealth) to stay out of the keen vision of waterfowls or deer.

And that's exactly the purpose of a ghillie net. A piece of different-sized camo fabric designed to be fixed over or around the hunting place, having the capability to be dressed with local elements like grass, leaves, branches, and anything you may find straight in nature.

The aim is to blend the hunting spot with the surroundings, using a color like camo fabric modified with local natural, vegetal elements. Besides the obvious objective of hiding hunters' shape and eventual movements, the ghillie net also helps to break the hiding place silhouette, additionally, the mix of natural elements, particularly vegetal debris, acts as a natural odor eliminator, adding an extra layer of stealth.

The best way to use a ghillie net is to prepare it in advance and leave it installed in the hunting spot several days before the hunting season starts. This way animals in the area will get used to this element (in case they notice it) and won't be suspicious because of it once the season begins.

On the other hand, leaving the ghillie net outdoors for several days allows the evanescence of man-made odors while all that stuff is impregned of natural scents in the surroundings, not only those of the materials used to dress the net, but also all those scents bring in by the air and rain.

In the beginning, it might be a little bit tedious to drag a big, bulky ghillie net to the hunting spot, but later the effort will pay not only because you will be concealed and comfortable at the same time, but also because your odds to succeed will increase dramatically.

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