Advantages of horseback hunting

Advantages of horseback hunting

The classic view of a hunter is one lonely man or a small group of men with camo suits among the bushes stalking their game and even when that's one of the commonest way to hunt, it's not the only one, especially on the west where it's mandatory to cover long distances, first to stalk the game and later to bring the meat back home.

On this regard, horseback hunting is a very common practice with several advantages, however it's mandatory to know the basics about horseback hunting to avoid problems as you will see on a next post, meanwhile let's focus on the advantages of horseback hunting.

The first advantage is the capability to cover more terrain on less time and with minor effort; something especially useful when stalking elusive games with wide Horseback Huntingterritories, requiring to cover several miles a day until the final shot.

Once you are near your game, horseback stalking seems to be quite easier than stalking on feet; in fact, the sound produced by a four legs animal approximating to the area will be less suspicious for a wild animal than the characteristic sound made by humans with their two legs; thus using a horse to stalk a big game such as a moose might be considered a camouflage technique!

Finally when you killed the game and it's time to bring the trophy back home you will be grateful to count with equine help; especially if you hunt with two horses.

Unless you kill a really big bull, a good horse will be able to carry on the back a whole elk, so the way back home will be more comfortable and effortless for you. On such case if you count only with a horse the meat needs to be packed and put on your equine's back; afterwards it's time to begin the way back on feet while the horse do the hard job and takes the weight.

But if you count with a couple of horses, things will be a lot better because one of them will carry the game while the other will take you home.

As it can be seen, horse company when hunting may be a big deal, but if you are considering to use horses on your next trip, please find out on our next post the basics about horseback hunting.

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