Airguns for small game, a good choice for everyone

Airguns for small game, a good choice for everyone

Hunting is almost a synonymous of guns, particularly rifles and in some cases handguns even when each year there are more and more archers on the hunting grounds with dozens of bow and crossbow hunters looking for their games, firearms are still ruling hunting world.

But what about airguns for small game? Perhaps it sounds crazy but for bird, squirrels and even rabbits hunters airguns might be a good choice not only because of convenience but also due to stealth. 

It's not a secret that after a firearm blast every animal on the surroundings will be alert! Moreover, on high hunting pressure areas such blast will be associated by animals with human presence, so they don't need to see or hear you to know there's a hunter out there once the blast occurs, so every living creature on the area with movement capability will try to run away from there once you shoot!Airgun hunting

And with small games this will be a problem because if you miss, probably there will not another chance. On this regard airguns have an edge because they produce almost no noise and, the most important, probably animals on the area won't associate that sound with humans, so they probably will be alert and still for a while just to retake their usual behavior some seconds after.

That will give you another chance in case you miss or, if you are lucky enough, to shoot down a second game if available; something that can be rarely achieved with firearms because all secondary targets on the area will run away as soon as you pull the trigger.

On the other hand, airguns as well ammunition are lighter than firearms, so you won't need to carry too much weight, in fact there's a real chance to carry more amo with less effort increasing your success chances as well your fire power.

This makes airguns more convenient and if you are training a child or young hunter probably they will feel more comfortable dealing with an airgun than a firearm.

Finally, airguns are suitable to use safely and efficiently on almost every setting where firearms are used, at least regarding small games, but because of the lack of powder they are more environment friendly, thus why not to try an airgun on your next small hunting raid?


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