Avoiding Hunting Accidents

Avoiding Hunting Accidents

Hunting accidents are something to be away of, because they not only can lead to a sudden end a hunting trip but also to become a serious threat for the hunter's life.

Usually when thinking about hunting accidents, first thing coming into mind is a firearm incident; and even when that's certainly a risk; it's not the most common hunting injury.

Instead falls, knife cuts and injuries due to thorns and branches are among the most common accidents during hunting trips; and even when within a civilization environment it could be just a minor problem; out in the bushes is a major concern, then it's mandatory to prevent such injuries.

Of course there's not a failing proof method to avoid injuries, but the following tips will help you the keep you and your hunting fellas safer:

1. Don't hunt alone
Even when enjoying the silence and feeling the adrenaline of a solo hunting; it's more probably to suffer an injury when hunting alone; especially on remote areas where help could take a little long to arrive. Group hunting keeps you safer because there's someone there to help you immediately and fund external support if necessary.Avoid Hunting Accidents

2. Follow safety measures
When moving around on a hunting area, never forget to use your orange vest; that's the only way other hunters have to make the difference between a game and a human being. So avoid to move on the bushes without your safety, orange vest.

3. Be care with your knife
Most of cuts and injuries are due to the skinning process; so take your time and do it properly to keep your hands safe. If you are not familiar with the skinning technique, find help from a experienced hunter in order to properly skin your game without harming yourself.

4. Use proper garment and shoes
If your are moving on mud terrain and your boots are not adequate you might find yourself on real troubles because of falls and ankle sprains. Same thing occurs with garment. If you are moving on an area full of branches and thorns, light fabric vests could become a problem because the lack of protection. On the other hand if you are not prepared for cold weather and a storm catches you outside, there's serious harm to suffer from frostbite and congelation.

5. Become familiar with the terrain
When you get lost, the chances of become harmed are increased, especially if you are not familiar with the terrain. To avoid such a life threatening situation, find enough information of the area you are planning to hunt on; do proper scouting and find someone else familiar with that terrain, especially if it's your first time on the zone.

6. Take with you a first aid kid
Minor cuts and scratches are almost inevitable and if they are not properly treated, complications such as infections could arise, ruining your hunting trip and even jeopardizing your health. So be sure to take with you a complete first aids kit and be aware how to use it in case of an emergency.

7. Firearms must be handled properly
More than half of firearms accidents are due to improper manipulation; so be sure to comply with all safety measures when shooting; never play with guns and before shooting be sure you are aiming to an animal and not a human being.

At the end of the day common sense will be the best tool to keep you safe; so trust on your instincts and safety training courses to avoid hunting accidents; so don't take unnecessary risks. 

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