Beginner Hunter Basic Gear

Beginner Hunter Basic Gear

When you begin to hunt there's a myriad of gadgets, apparels and devices available on the market "required" to hunt; and even when a telescopic sight would be useful, perhaps it's not the best thing to invest on at the very beginning.

Even when you will need certain apparels and gadgets will be necessary once you get experienced, you don't need to expend a fortune to begin hunting, instead you may start with the basic, mandatory items and later invest on more complex devices.

In order to start, be sure to proper invest time and money on the following essential gear:

1- A good pair of boots

2- Layered camo clothes adapted to the area and weather you are planning to hunt on. (if you are not sure about hunting conditions, be sure to ge proper advice from an experienced hunter before buying anything)

3- A good hunter backpack

4- The right gun and ammo for your game (once again, if you are not sure, find advice from experts)

Basic Hunting Gear

5- A carving knife is mandatory.

6- Even when not essential at the beginning, a good pair of binoculars will be very helpful

7- Orienting devices (GPS, compass, maps)

8- Permissions, licenses and all required documents, including firearms documents.

9- A land to hunt in. On this regard you may choose public lands (usually requiring local authorities licenses) or private lands (on such case the owner's signed authorization is required)

10- Odor masking scents

11- A blind (optional depending of your catch)

12- Something you won't find on any store: A ton of patience.

After all you are learning, and it will take some time to become an experienced hunter, meanwhile be sure to learn as much as possible from experienced fellas, later you will have time to by decoys, lures and many other, interesting hunting gadgets but remember ... The human factor is the main one.

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