Black Bear Bait Regulations

Black Bear Bait Regulations

Bait is defined as any animal or plant food product placed on an open area in order to attract animals toward it, including bears. Due to their keen sense of smell, bears as many other animals are able not only to detect food odor in the air hundred yards away of its location, but also track it to the source.

That's why hunters have used bait for centuries to attract animals towards their position and facilitate the hunt, however due to an always increasing number of hunters as well hunting pressure over different games, nowadays there are strict regulations regarding bait techniques in order to protect animals population numbers.

On this regard bait hunting is considered as hunting from a fixed position - stand or blind - facing towards a bait area. This is a very delicate matter because many people thinks that hunters take advantage of animals natural feeding instincts to hunt them on a privileged position, seen as unfair by some people and groups.

In fact, bait hunting is not legal in all states and for any animal you pretend to hunt, then before using bait, be sure about local regulations on the area you are planning to hunt.

On those states where bear bait hunting is allowed, there are still several regulations you need to comply with, otherwise you'll be broken the law andBear baiting hunting probably will find yourself on an undesired legal issue.

So, in order to comply with rules and regulations be sure to know local regulations on this matter, meanwhile Maine state regulations regarding bait bear hunting may be taken as a general guide:

- Bait may be placed up to one month before bait hunting season opening

- Blinds or stands on a bait are must be clearly labeled with owner's information

- Bait must be placed at least 50 yards away from any travel route accessible by car

- Any occupied dwelling as well trash disposal or campground must be at least 500 yards away of any bait site

- If you are hunting on a third party's bait area, an oral or written permission must be granted by the owner

- Before placing bait on a private land, owner's permission is required

- On public lands where bait is allowed, a special authorization issued by local authorities may be required

- After season closing, any bear may be hunt on bait areas and any bait must be removed

As it may be seen, bait is strictly regulated, however following such rules is just a matter of common sense on most of cases, however remember to check local regulations on the area where you are planning to hunt before proceeding. That way you will be avoiding any issues because of law infringiment.


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