Common mistakes when you are trying to hunt a Coyote

Common mistakes when you are trying to hunt a Coyote

Hunting Coyotes is a real challenge, not only because Coyotes master the art of being elusive but also because they are smart, distrustful animals, always alert to identify hunters before being sight by them. That's especially true on lands with high hunter pressure where Coyotes have learned to avoid humans at all cost.

Such combination of smart Coyotes and high pressure to kill them makes this type of hunting more than difficult, so it's easy to commit mistakes without being aware of that; leading to high failure rates.

In order to increase your success odds, please take in mind the most common mistakes when one is trying to hunt a Coyote, this way you'll avoid to commit the same errors and will be more prone to hunt one or more Coyotes.

1. To choose the wrong area

Many hunters, especially rookies tend to hunt near roads or on easy access, public lands. Despite of being convenient, these areas tend to be overcrowded and have the higher hunting pressure over Coyotes, decreasing success rates;Mistakes during Coyote hunting moreover, Coyotes have learned to avoid such areas since there are more chances of contact with humans.

Thus, if you wish to increase your odds, it will be necessary to walk a little deeper into the bushes.

2. Noisy approach

Another common mistake is to choose a good area which will be ruined because a noisy approach. 

Coyotes are very mistrusted and will stay away of anything suspicious or out of place on their territory. If you arrive to a remote area with a powerful truck provided with a noisy engine; slapping doors and making a lot of noise; probably Coyotes will be a mile away even before you set up your hunting spot.

3. Lack of stealth

Coyotes senses are very keen, especially sight and smell sense, so if you are not able to cover your position, it's a real possibility to be seen by Coyotes before spotting them.

Take in consideration elevation (higher positions with an open view of 50 to 75 yards are the best choice), wind direction and obstacles. Failing to consider all the above variables will lead to failure.

Evenmore, in case you have considered every single detail, the hunting spot is great and you set up everything properly, failing to be still is a major cause of fails because Coyotes are able to see even the tiniest movement; so if you are not able to "play statue" for a long period, probably Coyotes will see you and will leave the area quietly.

4. You are not patient enough

Coyotes cover a great area and many times it takes some time for them to come from they are towards a calling position. In such cases if you are not patient enough and leave the area a few minutes after calling starts, your success rates diminish because you are not giving Coyotes enough time to reach your position.

5. You didn't scout

Many hunters invest not only a few hours, but days exploring and scouting the area where they are planning to hunt in. Scouting helps to identify signs revealing the presence of a game on the area as well breeding and feeding areas in order to plan an "intelligence based" spotting.

But that's not the case of many Coyote hunters, who just assume that the animals will be out there, no matter where they set up the spotting site.

That's why it's important to scout the area you are planning to hunt in, looking not only for signs confirming Coyotes presence, but also finding the right area to set your spotting area.

Avoiding the above mentioned mistakes you'll increase your success rates and your odds, however only practice will help you to masterize the art of Coyote hunting; so don't give up and keep trying, improving your technics and tactics over and over again.

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