Coyote Hunting Tips

Coyote Hunting Tips

Coyotes are smart, agile, wary animals found almost on every region of Canada, U.S.A. and even southerndown to central America. Their high capability to adapt to new environments and take advantage of what's available lead Coyotes not only to prolify but also to expand their territory to areas beyond their natural habitat.

In fact unlike many other species, Coyotes are not endangered and there's minor concern about their future, moreover due to their large population, there are almost no restriction regarding Coyote hunting.

But it seems such restrictions are not necessary since it's easier to listen a Coyote than see it; even more, hunting these elusive canines is most than a challenge, so if you wish to become a master Coyote hunter, it will be necessary a lot of patience, too many days out on the field and years of learning; meanwhile follow the next tips to start the ABC of Coyote hunting.

 1. Choose a good place to hunt

Finding a Coyote's territory is not a hard work, it's necessary to carefully listen the sounds of dusk to be aware about a Coyote in the area. That's very easy, the tough job is find the animal.

Elusive and wary, Coyotes never show up at the first time and will stay away of anything suspicious, so you need to expend many hours before seeing a Coyote, and once you see it, perhaps there will be only a chance for shooting, then theCoyote Hunting Tips place where you are hunting is very important.

On this regard it will be necessary to find a high point to spot a wide area, with a clear shooting line upfront and a good cover on the back, just to be sure a Coyote finds you before you see it.

2. Stealth is more than important

Coyotes keen senses and their natural distrustful behavior make these animals very cagy. They spot the terrain constantly looking for warning signs and will check two or three times an area before entering to explore anything new like a call or a lure.

With keener sense than yours and a cautelous behaviour, Coyotes will detect your presence easy is your are not proper covered. On this regard you need to cover your odor, blend your shape and blend your skin.

Military camo, including gloves and facial paint will be necessary as well camo clothing and a good cover (a ghillie suit would be the best choice). As much you do to keep undetectable, more the chances to see (but still not hunt) a Coyote.

3. Silence is the key

Coyotes trust not only their sight, but also their keen hearing and sense of smell, so even minor noise will be enough to discourage them of entering the killing zone.

Perhaps one might think that just being quiet would be enough, but not. Coyotes are able to identify unusual sounds on their surroundings and even your clothes sound with minor movements will alert Coyotes about your presence.

On this regard, natural fabrics like wool or cotton are better than synthetic fabrics since they produce less noise when you move.

Regarding communication equipment, silence all what you have. Coyotes are able to hear even statics on your radio, so if you are planning to find a Coyote it's better to silence all your electronic and communication devices, otherwise your hands will be empty at the end of the day.

4. Play the statue

It's not a joke! Coyotes will detect all your movements, but not gross movement like walking or moving your arms; just minor position changes when lying on your stomach will be enough to alert a spotting Coyote about your presence.

So when you are stalking a Coyote, it will be necessary to find a comfortable position from the very beginning because once you begin, the best choice is to stay motionless as much as possible, spotting the area with your binoculars, but without moving a single muscle.

Coyotes eyes are so keen that it seems they are able to see a single muscle movement!

5. Don't shoot unless you are sure about a hit

With Coyotes there are not second chances, so once you shoot it's better to hit the target, otherwise the Coyote will vanish on the horizon before you are able to reload.

Perhaps your first shot won't be lethal but at least might immobilize the Coyote and will give you a small window for a second shot, however if you are able to do a clear, killing, single shot, much better.

As it may be seen, Coyote hunting is not an easy task, in fact it demands a lot of skills, patience and tricks that you will masterize only after years of practice, however with the above tips in mind, it will be easier for you to learn faster, especially on your first Coyote hunting raids.


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