Coyote hunting, when a predator becomes the catch

Coyote hunting, when a predator becomes the catch

Even when most of hunting games in North America are herbivorous mammals, that doesn't mean that predators are out of reach, in fact, some carnivores are on the list of hunting games (species not in danger) and coyotes are one of them.

These small, smart hunters are always scouting their territory from the high lands looking for small animals such as rabbits or squirrels which could become their meal. Using a keen smell senses and a good sight, coyotes are very active but still elusive; moreover they are able to detect human presence quickly and that will be the end of your hunting trip since coyotes can virtually disappear if they detect a threat.

On this regard a combination of calls and distractions are required to attract a coyote Coyote hunting decoytowards your position but still being out of its sight.

Calls are the key to attract a coyote towards you but such an elusive creature won't come easy; in fact, despite calls, a coyote will be patrolling the area from an elevated position and won't come towards you until it feels safe, thus to remain undetectable is the key for success.

However considering you are chasing another predator, a little bit of help will be useful; hence the use of movement decoys will give you an edge when chasing coyotes.

Coyote decoys are simple apparels, manually or electrically activated designed to simulate a coyote's catch movement; perhaps something like a squirrel tail or a quail wing moving on the distance that will attract coyote's attention and curiosity, forcing it to come towards you.

Since coyote's attention will be focused on the decoy, you will be harder to detect, however proper cover and camo are still mandatory, furthermore, proper decoy placement is vital, otherwise you won't be able to shoot down a coyote.

Decoys are available on different shapes and sizes, but regardless such features, the most important thing is to place it on an area where these predators usually find their catches; this way you will be mimicking a natural situation which the animal won't feel afraid to investigate.

On the paper it seems easy, but coyote hunting is a complex task requiring patience and strategy; perhaps that's because it's so exciting and fascinating then... Would you like to chase some coyotes next season?

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