Deer Ground Blind Hunting Technique

Deer Ground Blind Hunting Technique

For sure, the use of a blind increases your chances of a big game when deer hunting, however it's not always possible to set up an elevated blind, being necessary to use a ground level one. Obviously there's limitations from this position but when the right tactic is used, results will be remarkable.

Fist of all, knowledge makes and edge

As usual, if you know deer habits, routes, beeding and feeding areas and every single details about the animals' daily routines, the edge is for you; thus preseason scouting is a plus when chasing deer since you will be able not only to choose the proper place for your ground blind, but also for an advanced set up.

Set up; the earlier you do it, the best results you get!

Deer are very sensitive creatures and are aware of each little change on their territory; after all their survival depends of identify predators before being caught! So a tiny change on the environment will render deer nervous and suspicious, making them to walk away from the are; especially if a big, extrange object like a blind is detected.

Setting up in advance will allow deer to familiarize with the blind (if
Well comouflaged ground blind to hunt dearsdetected) and be sure that there's no threat. Of course you must do as most possible to hide your blind (see next point) but even smalls sings of your presence on the area might scare dears making them to leave; so the
most time the blind is set up, more the success chances.

Camouflage and Hiding are not optional but mandatory

To think that putting a ground blind and get inside to wait for deers is enough for hunting is guarantee of fail.

Provided with a sharp eye and a very sensitive nose, deer are not easy to chase, and even when odor eliminators are used, this amazing animals will know you are there most of times; so it's crucial to make as most as possible to stay undetected.

There are two keystones to avoid being detected: Odor elimination and woods blending.

The best odor eliminator is outdoor exposition since even when odor eliminators are used to hide human scent; the glue, fabrics and materials used to built the blind will result strange for dears, revealing your presence.

While most of these materials are synthetic and their odor is due to volatile substances, outdoors exposition is the best way to change their odor; since sun light and heat will lead to a faster volatilization of odor compounds, rain washes remains of chemicals and non natural substance and surrounding environment will transfer its smell to the blind.

So, before leaving to the wood set up your blind on your backyard and later go out to the woods and set up it on the forrest a couple of weeks before the season begins. That's the best odor eliminator ever!

When setting the blind, try to maximize its blending with the environment; avoid tree lines or road limits since your presence will be very obvious, instead go inside the bushes, covert the blind with grass, mud and tree branches trying to mimic it with the surrounding elements making sure that there's not detectable unknown shape of the blind but caring about not change too much the bushes themselves since this also may put you in evidence.

Finally avoid limited visibility or single shoot lane.

Even when camouflage is important, you can't pigeonhole yourself on a very narrow, limited visibility and single shoot lane area because it reduces your maneuver capabilities, decreasing your chances of a good shoot.

A balance between mimicking within the bushes while keeping a wide visibility range and several shooting lanes is the key of success.


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