Deer Hunting. A matter of detail

Deer Hunting. A matter of detail

Deer hunting is an art that takes time to master, but essentially is a game of detail. The tiniest thing will make the difference, then when you are out there for a buck, keep in mind those little details to increase your success chances.

Perhaps the hardest part of deer hunting is to find a deer because much before you can locate a buck, it will realizer about your presence and probably flew away, but why to go for deer when it's possible to attract deer towards you?

That's the best trick. Find a great place near a trail with signs of deer activity and attract deer towards you. There are two ways to do so, scent and calls.

Deer depends mostly on their smell sense to find their food as well to a couple, so they are scanning the air constantly for what's interesting in their life. That's why using an attractant is so effective.Deer Huntin Details

Attractants are man-made scented substances mimicking the smells deer are attracted to. It may be a food source or a receptive partner, attractants are like deer magnets but don't abuse!

Scents have a top in nature, if you use too much, deer will notice something different regarding intensity and probably will be suspicious about such an intense smell. So use attractants wisely.

On the other hand, remember to cover your own odor. With a powerful smell sense, deer will notice human presence because of smell, so avoid scented cosmetics such as soap, deodorant, and aftershave; even scented laundry detergents must be avoided!

Try to conceal your odor leaving your clothes outdoors for a couple of nights, and using scent killers. Of course, avoid smoking, otherwise, probably deer will get away from you.

Now you are scent-free and your attractant is doing its job, it's time to call.

Deer cover wide territories and communicate with each other using calls. Mastering the art of calling will take its time, but at least try to know two or three basic calls to attract bucks towards you.

Instead of walking and hiking, sit down and call, letting deer do the hard job coming to you.

Once again, calls must be used wisely. Too many calls will sound "unnatural" to deer and probably will keep away from you. The aim is to mimic what takes place naturally.

Now it's time to sit and wait, with your eyes wide open. Don't make a move, just be still and wait, deer will show sooner or later but even the tiniest movement will scar them to death and will run away.

A tree stand is always a good idea. Usually, deer don't look up but at the level of their eye, so being in an elevated position will give you an edge, being out of deer's regular visual field and having a privileged shooting position.

As you may see, just a couple of small details will make the difference, so keep all this in mind next time you plan to catch a big buck.

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