Differences between Hares and Rabbits

Differences between Hares and Rabbits

Expert hunters are able to notice easily the differences between hares and rabbits but it's not unusual for lay people or beginner hunters to be aware of such differences among both animals.

Since they are different species, there are specific regulations for each, making mandatory to clearly differentiate both animals, avoiding this way confusions which could lead to a miss identification, ending on the hunt of an animal you shouldn't shoot at and consequently law infringement.

In order to help beginners to know differences between hares and rabbits, as well refresh such differences to senior hunters, next there are the key differences between hares and rabbits.

1. Ears

Hares' ears are longest thant rabbits, perhaps that's the most noticeable difference among both species, but not the only one.Differences between rabbits and hares

2. Size

Hares tend to be bigger than rabbits, however if there are not comparison points or you don't see both animals one aside the other, it will take a little time, effort and experience to estimate size differences, especially on the distance.

3. Habits

Hares tend to live all the time above the ground while rabbits use to dig burrows underground, so their nest is off your sight and they emerge to the surface only for feeding or matting. 

4. Speed

Hares are a lot faster than rabbits, but once again, you will only notice the difference on the field once you have seen a lot of rabbits and hares running at top speed, 

Meanwhile you will have to trust on more experienced hunters to make a speed based differentiation among hares and rabbits.

5. Socialization

After ears; socialization is the most evident difference among rabbits and hares. Rabbits tend to live in family groups and communities while hares tend to live lonely or in small groups.

The problem is that most of rabbits social interaction takes place underground and when you see them outside, rabbits are usually alone or in small groups; making difficult to realize if the animal is a hare or a rabbit.

At the beginning you will probably find like a challenge to differentiate hares from rabbits, however with enough time, effort, dedication and keen eye, it won't take longer until you are able to clearly differentiate hares from rabbits like a master!

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