Do you know how noisy you are when hunting?

Do you know how noisy you are when hunting?

Stealth is key for a successful hunting and that's why virtually everyone hunting out there takes care of proper camouflage, scent killers, blinds and so on, however if you are not aware of how noisy you are when hunting, there's a real risk of failure.

Animals senses are much keener than ours in all aspects, so they are able to see, smell and hear better than any hunter so it remains mandatory for success to delete every trace of our presence including not only visual signs and odors but also noises.

On the forest every creature knows which sounds are "normal" for them and which are anomalous and every time a new noise arises from the bushes every animal out there will be alert to find out which is the menace, no matter how far the sound was.

So if you are not aware of how to cover your sounds or, even better, eliminate them at all, your potential games will be very far once you achieve the hunting ground.

The problem begins just arriving to the place you are planning to hunt on. Truck engine, supplies bags and doors slams are all abnormal sounds for animal, so once you arrive all those sounds are announcing your visit, one that animals don'tBeing stealth is the key for success. Remain as silent as possible wish.

That's why you need to be as silent as possible since the very beginning, otherwise you'll be detected even before leaving your car.

To do try to park as far as possible from the hunting ground, if there's a chance far from other people and dogs. Once you park, remain as silent as possible; close your truck doors easy and avoid any chat with your hunting fellows.

Try to pack everything the night before, that way you just need to grab your stuff and start to hike towards your destination, but the game is just beginning!

Once out in the bushes you need not only to be quiet but also to move without noise. Your steps on the forest are like a loud speaker screaming about your presence, so you need to think about every single step and move quietly.

It's not necessary to say that chats must be avoided and all electronic devices must be on silent mode. You don't wish a bell ringing just when you are about to shoot the game of your life!

But moving is not the only issue; have you ever wondered about how noisy your clothes are?

Yes, synthetic fabrics are very noisy even when we don't realize about it. With every single step synthetic fabric attrition makes a particular noise which alerts forest inhabitants about your undesired presence.

Same occurs when you open a plastic or paper bag. Such characteristic sound is not only uncommon on the bushes but also is associated with human presence, especially on high pressure hunting grounds, thus think twice before opening gum package out in he bushes unless you wish that sound exposes you.

Boots are also a noise source, thus be sure to have high quality, leather boots because are more reliable and silent than synthetic ones.

Regarding your guns and weapons, keep them oiled and silent in order to avoid clicks and other sounds while loading and aiming, otherwise your games will fly away even before you put a bullet on the chamber.

Clearly to be silent is the hardest part of stealth but successful hunters know it pays, thus you must work hard to remain silent, increasing that way your odds for success.



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