Don't forget your ghillie rifle wrap to conceal your weapon

Don't forget your ghillie rifle wrap to conceal your weapon

Many hunters pay a lot of attention to concealing themselves using camouflage and even ghillie suits but many times their gear is forgotten and these tiny details might be the difference between failure and success.

Even when animals won't recognize a rifle as a menace, they will associate them with humans for sure, after all, rifles are not alone around there, and where there's a rifle, there's a human too, and that's a real menace for them.

So, failing to conceal your rifle might lead to failed hunting attempts because once a deer or any other big game spots and recognizes a rifle or any other gun, they will flee away, and with them your odds of succeeding.

That's why there are many techniques to hide your firearms and bows from animals' sight, being the cheaper, easier, and most popular the camo paint but certainly that's not the most effective nor the only one.

In fact, if you wish to render your rifle virtually undetectable, the best choice is to

Rifle ghillie wrap

use a ghillie wrap!

Working the same way it does hiding the human shape, a rifle wrap is a ghillie mesh intended to be complemented with local materials like little branches, leaves, and any other element found in the field.

The scope is to blend the rifle with the surrounding environment, hiding its shape, brightness, colors as well any distinctive characteristics.

Applying this technique a rifle will not be distinguishable from the environment and if it's properly handled, keeping it moveless until the last minute, when you are ready to perform that critical shot; the gun as well the barrel will remain undetectable until it's too late for your game.

A ghillie mesh is certainly a very effective method to conceal your weapon and is also cheap!

Perhaps it will need some extra effort and time to have your gun ready to be used in the field, but the effort is worth it.

Once you have ended your hunting day, remember to store apart your ghillie mesh for the next day. That does not mean you will use it straight the way the day before, but at least some of the job will be ready.

Nevertheless, it's necessary a daily update of the ghillie mesh to render it even more effective.

Regarding your rifle, it's important to clean it thoroughly after each use.

The close contact with sand, leaves, and branches all throughout the day might block some mechanisms, especially if you are out for several days, so careful maintenance will be required to keep your gun ready for the next shot.

After knowing the aforementioned, will you try using a ghillie rifle mesh on your next hunting raid?

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