Don't forget your hound's orange vest

Don't forget your hound's orange vest

When we talk about hunting safety first thing jumping on our mind are those famous orange vests hunters use, especially when they are moving on the bushes.

The aim of such vest is to make hunters visible to other hunting fellows in order to avoid an accidental shooting. Orange is the best color choice because there are not too many orange things on the forest, thus when a hunter see an orange vest it will be probably another hunter.

With the above in mind anyone following hunting safety rules will shoot towards an orange target, furthermore if the target is on the direction where orange vests are seen, any hunter should open fire because other hunters might be on the fire line.

This type of behavior keep everyone on the bushes safe but, what about your hounds?Dog Wearing an Orange Vest

When you are hunting everything moving around might become a target unless there's something telling hunters it's not; such as it occurs with hunters' orange vests.

A hound might be taken by a game and being shooting by accident if there's nothing telling other hunters in the area that it's a hunting fellow dog and not a game; especially if your hounds are following a trace and are far ahead from you.

That's why dogs' orange vests are so important!

A deer, wild boar or cottontail won't wear an orange vest, but a hound will! In fact, the only animal on the forest wearing an orange vest must be a dog and then, no matter who the owner is, anyone will shoot a dog wearing such safety vest or on the direction it is.

Moreover, even you might shoot your own dogs by mistake if they don't wear such vests! They are following a trace and perhaps chasing a game and you see the opportunity to shoot, but how to know if your hounds are out of the fire line?

It's impossible! Especially under low visibility conditions and the only way to be sure you are not aiming towards your hounds or anyone else's hound is providing your dogs with an orange vest.

Some people might be concerned about the fact that such a brightfull color might alert animals on the area about hounds and hunters, but the real fact is that most of animals don't see orange as we do. For their eyes orange is a sort of brown and they will see it on the dark tones spectrum.

In addition some vest have a special feature and are able to kill UV rays providing extra camo, so vests will have a pattern visible only for animals but not humans.

This way you may be sure neither you or your hounds will be easily seen by game animals because of orange vests and all of you will be safe against an accidental shot.

So, next time you are out hunting with your hounds, don't forget their orange vest to assure all of you will be back home safely.

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