Duck hunting with a bow?

Duck hunting with a bow?

Probably you have not heard about too many hunters chasing ducks with a bow, but if you wish to experience the ultimate bow hunting challenge, that's something you need to do.

Going out for ducks with a bow it's not for beginners or weak hunters, instead you need all your experience, skills and knowledge but applied on a complete new fashion to have success.

Duck hunting with a bow requires a unique mix of tactics and skills, not only from bowhunting but from shotgun hunting too.

If you wish to test yourself against a high complexity hunting, try some days out with a bow hunting ducks next season!

Here the basics you need to know, at least to begin:

1. Stealth is the key

Ducks' keen sight will perceive the minimal movement before you are able toDucks bow hunting shoot an arrow, so total invisibility is required, if not, don't waste your time.

To achieve such degree of stealth you need a blind, there's no other way to hunt ducks with bow and arrow since ducks will detect you before you are able to do nothing.

But regular blinds are not suitable for this task, there's no room for all your gear, and it will be almost impossible to move easily to take a shoot, especially considering that you might be aiming to any point.

Thus an extra large blind is required; one big enough to allow all your gear inside leaving space for your movements.

Once set, remember to cover it with reeds and weeds and blend it as much as possible with the surrounding environment, otherwise ducks will fly away.

2. Black is your color

Since you must not leave your blind, camo vests are not required, in fact you will spark and shine when moving inside a dark colored blind inner if you use camouflage; instead try black.

Using black clothing and even a black arrow will render you almost invisible against the dark (preferably black) background on your blind.

3. Look for small water ponds

When you are hunting waterfowls with bow and arrow distance is your enemy, so the closer ducks are, the better outcome.

But if you choose a large water body to set your blind, it will be hard to be attract ducks close enough to have a clear shot, so set your blind on the margins of a small water body where you have previously seen feeding and resting duck activity during your scout.

By doing this you will increase your odds of having close range shots as well your success rates.

4. Don't force ducks out of their normal routines

Heavy calling, a large decoy deployment and insisting to attract ducks towards your position will scar them instead of attracting.

So, rather that force ducks towards your, study their routines during scouting and try to set your blind on a "hot spot" where they will go normally as part of their routines.

By doing it you won't need to call ducks or attract them since the birds will come to you naturally.

Of course you'll need to master the art of stealth, otherwise the keen senses of these game birds will notice you and will leave the area in a blink and you may have for sure they won't come back again.

The above are just the basic rules for ducks bowhunting, with time and practice you will learn much more and will see how your success rate increase, engaging you on this ultimate hunting season after season.

Are you ready for duck hunting with bow and arrow?

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