Elk Hunting - Tips to face such a big challenge. Part III

Elk Hunting - Tips to face such a big challenge. Part III

After being aware of the terrain and everything has been set up, you are physically and mentally ready to assume the challenge, an important thing to keep in mind is your gear.

Without proper equipment, it's just impossible to hunt an elk or any other game, but no only that, you will jeopardize your safety too!

Essential equipment is critical to guarantee not only success but also to keep you safe out in nature, otherwise, being on remote, abrupt terrain, there's a real risk of getting injured, lost, and even death.

So, when you are thinking about elk hunting, your gear and equipment must include a variety of gadgets to face multiple situations, environments and, the most important, must last for a longer time than many other hunting excursions.

Now let's see what we need!

1. Clothing

Remember, you won't go to the wilderness for a few hours, but several days. It's paramount to count with proper and enough clothes to expend up to a week out there, but not as much to increase the weight on your backpack.

How many and what type of clothes will depend on when and where you are hunting.

A good strategy is dressing by layers. The inner layer must provide enough insulation but still be respirable.

During elk hunting, there's a lot of muscular work, so physical activity will help to keep your body warm but there will be also a lot of sweat, so insulated and transpirable fabrics are the best choice.

For the outer layer, a combination of insulated, waterproof clothing pieces are necessary.

A good decision is to have two or three extra clothes which you can easily wear when the weather demands it.

2. Communication and Localization

It's critical to know where you are all the time and being able to keep in touch with some base camp in case of an emergency.

A GPS is a good alternative to know exactly where you are, however considering the risk of battery exhaustion during long expeditions regardless of extra batteries, a classical, backup compass is always a good idea. How to hunt an elk

On the other hand, radios, satelital telephones or even cell phones (if the service is available nearby your hunting ground) are necessary to keep in touch with civilization, especially in case of an emergency.

Once again, remember extra batteries or, if possible, a sun-powered recharging station to assure communications all the time.

3. Optics

If you wish to catch an elk, you will need to find it first, but these elusive critters won't make things easy for you; so you will need to find them first and that implies a lot of tracking and scope.

Rarely you will face an elk along your way instead, you need to spot the area, track the animal and get as close as possible to have a clear shot, and to make it possible, a pair of high-quality binoculars are essential.

What type of binocular is hard to say due to individual preferences however, the best option is that assuring you a clear view.

Usually, 10x binoculars are enough, but once again, everything depends on individual preferences.

4. Bow or Rifle

It's impossible to hunt an elk without the proper weapon, so no matters if you are a bow hunter or a rifle hunter, your weapon must be with you.

That will complete your gear and will allow you to shoot down an elk, leading your elk hunting expedition to a great end!

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