Essentials about Rabbit Hunting

Essentials about Rabbit Hunting

Rabbits and hares hunting are the third most popular game in U.S. only behind wild turkey and deer hunting.

That's not a surprise considering that rabbits meat tastes great and that in many states there are not closed season neither bag limit, so it's possible to hunt as much rabbits as you wish, all year long.

However to find and catch a rabbit is not so easy as it seems; in fact tracking these small, agile animals is a sort of challenge and probably that's the reason behind its popularity.

Next you'll find essential information about rabbit hunting, that will be very valuable, especially if you are a beginner.

Let's see what you need to know to start!

1. Hunting License

You need a valid hunting license to hunt rabbits on both, public and private lands. On public lands no further requirements are need but in private properties you need authorization from the land owner.Rabbits hunting

In some states as Oregon, if you are hunting on your own land no hunting license is required, however just to be sure, refer to your hunting area own regulations in order to avoid law infringement.

2. When to hunt

Even when it's possible to hunt rabbits and lures all year long (in most of states, check for your local area regulations), the best time of the year to hunt rabbits is late fall and early spring.

On late fall weakest rabbits will be vulnerable due to the temperature drop, higher energy expenditure and lack of food; so it will be easier for you to find them, especially on snowy areas.

On the other hand, rabbits are very active during early springtime recovering from the long winter, so they will be moving around early grass and brushes looking for food, then you have increased odds to locate and fire rabbits.

Another great opportunity is during winter, not because it's the most active season for rabbits, but because their tracks are easy to find and follow on the snow; however be prepared to walk long distances because on cold, snowy winter days rabbits are not so active.

3. The best hour

Rabbits are very active by night, so if you are hunting on your own, dusk is the best hour to go out for rabbits, but don't think it will be easy to locate those stunning, flashing, white rabbits in the dark! You'll need to master the art of tracking and chasing rabbits.

But if you are hunting with dogs things will be different since you don't need to go out by night, instead the best hour to hunt rabbits with dogs is early in the morning.

Since rabbits are very active by night, early in the morning it will be easier for your dogs to find and track rabbits scent, increasing your odds of success; in addition a small dog like a beagle will be able to push rabbits out of their holes towards you, making thing a lot more easier.

4. The best place

Depending of the species, each rabbit prefer a particular habitat, so check what species are allowed to be hunt on your area and study its prefered living zones.

Most of rabbits love terrain with rocks to hide but also high grass and brushes where they can find food easier. If you are hunting on private lands, farmlands edges are the best place to chase rabbits and hares since they will try to find something to eat on the crops, so be ready to use farming terrains as a big lure!

5. Be aware of species

Not all rabbits and hares species may be hunt, so be aware of what species are living on your hunting area and which of them are permitted.

Some rabbits and hares are endangered species and their hunting is not permitted, so in order to preserve the species and avoid law infringements you must be able to clearly identify each species before shooting.

In case you are not sure, it's better to hold your fire! After all there are plenty of rabbits out there, it's just a matter of time to have another chance.

So, are you ready to go for rabbits next season? ... What season? Remember that in most states there's no closed season for rabbits and hares, so are you ready right now?

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