Essentials About Turkey Doggin

Essentials About Turkey Doggin

Turkey hunting is always a memorable experience, no matters if alone or in group, going out to chase the birds and go back home with a bunch of turkeys for dinner is a great experience.

But there's a way to go out for turkeys that not so many hunters experience: turkey doggin.

Going out with your dogs to hunt turkeys gives the experience a whole new level, not only because of such a special companion but also because new hunting techniques may be introduced due to the help of our canine companions.

Nevertheless the hunting itself is just a part of the game, in fact, turkey doggin requires dedication, not only on the hunting season but also all year long in order to have properly trained pups once the hunting season begins.

On many states it's allowed to use dogs to break flogs increasing the hunter's chance to call and intercept a bird; however to achieve a high performance on this technique, legal on most states, as well on any other regarding turkey hunting with dogs, it's mandatory to keep some details in mind.

1. Choose a proper breed

Many dogs are able to chase turkeys but the best breeds usually includesDog Turkey Huting a cross between a pointer and a setter. Two of the most populars breeds are the Boykin Spaniel and the Appalachian turkey dogs which were raised especially for turkey hunting.

2. Everything is about training

It's no reasonable to expect a good performance if dogs go out on the woods only during the hunting season, thus continuous training is mandatory. While most time is spent on the bushes, better the performance will be once the game begins.

3. Make dogs familiar with turkeys

Use wings, foot and feathers to teach your dogs everything about turkeys, how they look, smell and move; such contact and training will render your canine companion able to track turkeys not only because of their odor but also their appearance.

4. Train your dog to bark once a flock is broken

That signal will give you an edge to be prepared and catch the birds. It's necessary to dedicate many hours to achieve the proper skills and coordination between dog and hunter for a perfect performance when a flock is broken.

5. Dogs need to learn how to sit still for long

If not trying to break a flock, your dogs need to learn to sit still for several minutes, especially when hunting from blinds; otherwise the birds will become aware of dogs presence and will fly away. To teach a dog to stay still so long is not an easy task but if you are patient enough, it's an achievable goal.

Now it's time to begin the training in order to have your dogs ready for the next fall turkey hunting season.

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