Essentials about Wild Boar Hunting

Essentials about Wild Boar Hunting

Wild boars are elusive, intelligent, aggressive creatures, being the last especially true on mature, male wild pigs. So they are not only hard to find but also to shoot down, particularly on high hunting pressure areas.

Hogs keener sense is smell, so they will sniff an area before entering it and even the faintest odor will be enough to make a wild pig to leave the zone quickly, then if you wish to catch a male, mature wild boar dealing with odors is mandatory.

To do so your better tools are odor killer products and the use of wind on your favor. The last is incredible effective, so every minute you are hunting wild boars it's necessary to be aware of wind direction and keep it on your face. This way wind will work for you taking your scent away from hogs' formidable nose.

But if you are hunting from a fixed position like a blind or three stand, there's not too much to do to keep the wind in your favor and then is when odor killers remain the most valuable choice.Wild boars hunting

Once you have dealt with odor, it's time to know when to hunt. Feral hogs tend to be nocturnal, so the will be more active after dusk, when most of hunters are away. During night hogs will be moving looking for food and water, so if you previously scouted the area and identified feeding trails and bedding areas, success is almost guaranteed. 

A special word is required about feeding. Even when in some states might be legal to lure  wild pigs, this is not the most ethical way to hunt any animal and might result on undesirable consequences such as hogs looking for human food on rural areas.

Thus, instead of luring pigs, the best choice is to identify areas where there's plenty of natural food sources such as nearby corn plantations or under oak trees, were pigs will find plenty acorn. Once done, just choose a stalk point and wait for boars to show up.

If you are hunting by night, something extremely recommended due to wild pig habits, be sure to have with you red or green filtered flashlights

Unlike white light, red and green don't draw pigs' attention, making easier to keep undercover.

Finally you must be aware of the small killing zones on wild boars body. Since these are fierous animals and the chances of a human death by a single shot are low, be prepared for counter attack.

On this regard a backup weapon and a escape route are highly recommended, otherwise you might become the hunted instead of being the hunter.


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