Feral Hogs Hunting Regulations

Feral Hogs Hunting Regulations

Feral hogs are a popular game among many hunters and considering their reproduction rate as well their impact on local wildlife habitat, areas where feral hogs population is high and raising, usually are a sort of paradise for this game hunters. However it's not allowed to pursue these pigs all across the country and different regulations exist among states.

As a general rule if you wish to go for feral hogs southern states are the best option since regulations are almost the same (with quite small differences) and an always raising pigs population allows not only to hunt them but to do it all year long!

The most popular states for feral hogs hunting are California, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida even when also there are northern states such Idaho where it's possible not only to hunt these pigs but also to do it without a special hunting license; in fact just a general hunting license is enough for both, Feral Hog Huntingresident and non-resident hunters.

Among southern states one of the most flexible regulations are found on New Mexico where no license is required, only owner permission when hunting on private lands.

Regarding the season, almost all states where feral hogs are hunted allow to do it all year long, moreover, almost all of them has no bag limit, however, as usual, it's important to check local regulations before going out to avoid law infringements.

Feral hogs may be hunted using both, firearms as well archery without many limitations, nevertheless in some states season regulation for other species applies also for pigs, in example Mississippi doesn't allow feral hogs hunting with dogs during the turkey season, while in Georgia weapons limitations applied to other species are valid also for pigs, hence, during deer season, only weapons allowed for deer hunting are permitted for feral hogs hunting too.

An important issue is related to hunting hours since most of states allow only daylight hunting, however some places allow hogs hunting half hour before sunrise and half hour after sunset and some others even night hunting but in such cases artificial lights are prohibited.

From a general point of view, feral hogs hunting is a great option for all year long hunting, especially if you live on states where their population is high such as Texas, Georgia and Florida. Regulations are quite similar and usually there's no quantity limit, especially for residents, land owners; thus you may be out and catch as much as you can.

Once again, if it's the first time on a particular land or state, please be sure to read local and state regulations before going out just to be sure that you are not breaking any rule. Afterwards go out there and have a lot of fun chasing those big pigs!

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