Feral Hogs using Dogs

Feral Hogs using Dogs

Feral hogs are fierce, intelligent, fast and elusive creatures able to avoid hunters as well attacking them when last expected, so using all available resources to hunt them is not optional but mandatory.

On this regard, the use of dogs to hunt feral dogs results very valuable because if you choose the correct breed, a dog will help not only to find and chase hogs, but also to fight them back if required. 

For this purpose catch dogs will be better than chase dogs. On both cases dogs will push and pursue hogs until they feel trapped and exhausted when probably will turn back to fight their chaser and then is when a catch dog makes the difference.

These big, strong and fierce dogs are able to chase hogs but also to fight them when the time arrives, thus once a hog decides to engage its pursuer, a catch dog will engage as well, biting and immobilizing the hog until the hunter arrives to finish it.

Since hogs are usually found on herds rather than alone, the best choice is to hunt with a pack of more than two dogs in order to assure proper cover to the dogs, otherwise while a lonely dog engage a big, male, hog, another member of the the herd might counter attack, harming and even killing your dog.Argentinian Dogo Pack

With the above in mind, it's obvious that just a catching dog breed is not enough, instead a big, decided, prone to fight a game breed is necessary. To meet this purpose Pitbulls were the choice some time ago but nowadays the Argentinian Dogo has the first place when it's required to catch hogs.

Bigger than Pitbulls and even more athletic and powerful, Argentinian Dogos have the stamina to chase hogs for long distances, the determination to keep pursuing them and the temperament to fight a big, fierce male once the time arrives.

If you decide to go out for hogs accompanied by a pack of Argentinian Dogos you may be sure not only about a successful hunting trip but also about your safety since these dogs will form a protection barrier between hogs and you, immobilizing the game to allow you a clear shot.

Originally from South America, this breed was specifically designed for pumas and hogs hunting on difficult terrains, making a wonderful job. On the 70's the breed was imported to North America where it adapted perfectly to the hot, rugged territory of southern states such as Texas and Georgia where it has played a remarkable job as hog hunting dog and other big games as well. 

That doesn't mean that Argentinian Dogos can't make a wonderful job on other terrains as well northern, colder states, but on the south they are on their element.

Aside of the remarkable hunting capabilities of this breed, once back at home you will have a perfect, loyal doggy partner able to get adapted to the normal house living same as to the most difficult conditions, making of the Argentinian Dogo a perfect companion for hunters, not only on the field but also at home where it will be an additional, lovable member of your family.



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