Feral pigs bow hunting tips

Feral pigs bow hunting tips

Feral pigs hunting is getting more popular year after year, mainly because it's a challenging game considered as a pest virtually in all the states where they live leading to weak regulations regarding their hunting or none at all

On the other hand, feral pigs' meat is very tasty, being suitable not only to eat fresh but also as sausages and cured meat.

So, it's not a surprise to find so many feral pigs enthusiasts in the U.S. but if you wish to move the challenge one step forward, try to hunt a wild boar without a rifle but using a bow.

That's the ultimate challenge! Because you need to be closer to the pig for a clear shot, moreover, it's mandatory to be accurate, otherwise the pig won't have a humanitarian death, or, even worse, you might turn from hunt to hunted since an injured wild pig is very, very dangerous.

Feral pigs bow hunting

In case you wish to take this challenge, here you will find some tips to increase your odds:

Choose the right bow and arrows.You'll need a bow that's powerful enough to penetrate the thick hide of a feral pig. Arrows with broadheads are a good choice, as they will create a larger wound channel and make it more likely that the pig will bleed out quickly.

Scout your hunting area. Feral pigs are very good at detecting movement, so it's important to find a spot where you can get close to them without being seen. Look for areas with thick vegetation or cover that will help you hide.

Be patient. Bow hunting feral pigs can be a waiting game. You may have to sit in your stand for hours before you see a pig. Be patient and don't get discouraged.

Take your time. When you do see a pig, take your time and make a good shot. A well-placed arrow will kill the pig quickly and humanely.

Follow up on your shots. If you make a good shot, the pig will usually run off a short distance before it dies. Be sure to follow up on your shots and make sure the pig is dead.

Hunt during the early morning or late evening. This is when feral pigs are most active.

Use a bow sight with a peep sight. This will help you aim more accurately.

Wear camouflage clothing. This will help you blend in with your surroundings and avoid detection by the pigs.

Use a rangefinder. This will help you determine the distance to the pig and make sure you're taking a good shot.

Be safe. Always make sure you have a clear shot and that there are no other people or animals in the way before you take a shot.

Feral pigs can be a challenging but rewarding animals to hunt. With a little practice and patience, you can be successful in taking down a pig with your bow but remember, keep yourself safe and find an experienced hunting guide, especially during your first attempts. Wild pigs are fierce and may become lethal, so proper guidance is highly advised, at least during the first hunting raids.

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