Geese Hunting Tips

Geese Hunting Tips

Geese hunting may result in high satisfaction or deep frustration, being the last especially truth when you see nearby hunting groups plenty of success while your bag is still empty.

Then is when you question yourself "What is it going on?, What am I doing bad?"

Well, on this situation small details make the difference and probably a few, little, minor strategy adjustments will give unsuspected dividends.

On this regard there are several tips which help you to transform a bad hunting day into a world class success.

Perhaps you don't need to implement all these tips, but just a couple might work for your needs, just pay attention to what's happening on the field and proceed accordingly.

1. Spread decoys properly

Geese don't like to land on wide open spaces, instead they prefer to do it among other birds, but with a wind span between 4 to 6 feet, they need to have enough room.

So, place your decoys close enough to simulate a geese bulk but leaving enough space for geese to land, that may be accomplished setting decoys around fiveGeese hunting long steps one from another.

Try to give geese a group of fellow decoys with enough room among them to lan and you will see how birds begin to land near you.

2. Movement is better than quantity

A crowded decoy setup will not work as good as one with less birds but more movement.

Geese are looking for something familiar, and usually birds are not standing as statues waiting for their friends, instead they move around, looking for food or just socializing.

Thus including decoys with movement will replicate natural geese behavior rendering your decoy setup more realistic; in consequence you will attract more birds.

A plus is to take advantage of currents on your hunting ground., Don't throw away this big success opportunity.

3. Calls are vital

Calls are the key for success but improper calling will turn on noise instead of effective calls. 

Thus you need to have at least two different calls in order to match weather conditions and geese behaviors. Additionally it's always good to know how geese call on certain circumstances, then you will be able to replicate natural, realistic calls.

4. Still is the key

Motionless and stealth are key for success. Remember that geese have keener sight than yours, so they will see you much before you see them.

So for a success geese hunting you need to cover not only your blind but people inside it as much as possible and motionless is the best choice. In addition wearing facial mask will add a plus because even the tiniest gesture might expose your position to geese.

5. Change decoys positions when temperature drops

With temperatures below 20 degrees geese lie down almost as soon they touch ground, so in order to emulate this behavior you need to remove full body decoys from their bases and put them straight on the ground.

Shells are also a good choice to represent this behavior, however in order to render your set up more realistic it's always useful to leave among 3 to 5 full body decoys on their bases to represent birds who have just landed or are walking around.

As you see minor adjustment will not be a big deal, but once you implement corrections to your strategy things will change drastically in your favor.

Try the above tips the next time you are having a bad hunting day, after all there's nothing to lose.


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