Homemade Scent Killer

Homemade Scent Killer

Currently there are tons of scent killers available in the market and even when they are available and relatively inexpensive, there's a certain magic about doing your own scent killer at home.

It's like a sort of not depending about nobody and put all the responsibility on your own hands, after all if the scent killer fails and no white tail gets close enough to be caught, you won't have to blame other people than you.

On the other hand doing your own scent killer is to recreate old practices and traditions, after all ancient men didn't have scent killer at the local store and became great hunters anyway! Otherwise we would not be here right now.

So it's time to go back to the basics and begin to prepare scent killer at home,Scent Killer Formula after all if it does not work your survival won't be in danger and there's always chance to buy a new bottle at the store the day after if everything goes wrong with your own recipe.

However you will never know if it works before trying, so keep the recipe as simple as possible and choose formulas which have worked for others before. There are many blends available so you may choose the one that better matches your preferences.

Here a simple, easy to prepare, cheap formula. You will only need:

- 3% Hydrogen peroxide (16 oz)

- Baking soda (1/4 cup)

- Distilled water (16 oz)

- Optional: Unscented shampoo (1 oz)

To prepare the blend put the water and hydrogen peroxide on a large bowl, afterwards add baking soda gently without shaking, just stir slowly with a plastic spoon until the baking soda dissolves.

Finally add the shampoo if you like and let settle down for a while. At the end add to clean, plastic bottle with cap. Be sure to leave enough empty room on the top (at least a couple of inches) for the gases that will form due to the chemical reaction.

Close the bottle with the cap and let the magic works. It takes around a week to be ready for use.

Once the time comes, open the bottle slowly to allow gas to escape, afterwards put the blend on an old scent spray bottle and you will be ready to get deep into the woods.

Remember to spray your boots, gear and clothes with scent killer once you get out of the car. Later you will need to spray again after reaching the desired hunting point to remove your sweat odor, especially if you carried a lot of gear and had to install blinds or stands.

Now it's time to see if everything is working fine; you will realize about it if a white tail get close to your hunting point without sniffing the air. If so, the deer has not smell nothing out of usual, so your scent was completely covered.

If this one does not work try another formula, you will probably find the one which works for you!




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