Homemade Deer Cover Scent

Homemade Deer Cover Scent

Nowadays there's plenty of cover scents on the market that may be purchased at very low cost, however such scents are not always regionally accurate, adding non usual odors on the area you are about to go hunting; on the other hand, there's a special fascination by doing our own homemade cover scent as old fashioned hunters did many decades ago.

On a previous post it was explained how to use what's available on the hunting ground to cover human odor and cheat deer keen of smell and now you will be able to move a step forward by doing your own cover scents.

First thing to do is to collect leaves and flowers from the area you are thinking to go out; the first scouting and recon trips may be usefull to accomplish this task; try to find some evergreen plants such as balsam fir, spruce, pine, and cedar and store them on an open bag to avoid moisture accumulation. If evergreens are not available on the area, you also may use deciduous plants like sassafras, sage, or goldenrod, just be sure to Homemade deer covert scent

collect the most representative ones from the local flora.

If no many aromatic vegetation is present on a particular hunting ground, you also may use some loose soil.

Once back at home or camp it's time to put hands on work; put some water in a pot, just enough to cover the collected plants and boil them; the aim is to create a concentrated infusion of the regional plants smell.

Try to use as less water as possible in order to obtain a heavy concentrated solution which may be achieved after 20 to 30 minutes boiling, just be sure not to exceed the time since some volatile compounds you are trying to catch on your scent might be lost due to long lasting boiling.

Once boiled and chilled to room temperature, strain the solution using a cheesecloth or even and old T-shirt; afterwards pour the solution on clean spray bottles; use as many as required.

Out in the woods use the spray on your clothes, garment and gadgets to kill human odor.

Now you are ready to cover your scents and be away from detection with an easy, cheap and effective homemade deer cover scent; however if you wish to find out who to make a stronger scent, you have to play on the big leagues.

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