How to choose hunting boots

How to choose hunting boots

Success during a hunt is not just a matter of skills but also of smalls details, even when it seems meaningless, most of times even the tiniest detail makes the difference.

From scouting up to the gun size, passing through proper garment and even boots, everything is important to succeed, and even when shoes seem to be the less important issue, they are in fact the keystone for success more than one might think.

In fact, boots provide support, insulation and traction on though terrain, they act as an anchor between you and the ground as well as a shooting platform, thus improper boots will indefectibility end on fail or at least on a performance diminishing.

But, what must have a great hunting boot?

Well, everything will depend of where you are hunting and what you areThe best boot for hunting trying to catch, thus features must be adapted to you on a particular ground and situation.

Overall a good boot must offer you protection. Strong, durable materials are necessary to keep your feet and ankles safe, the aim is to keep your skin intact and away of branches and thorns.

At the same time a good pair of boots must be lightweighted, especially if you are going for big game on abrupt terrain. Just imagine to walk and climb for hours with a very heavy pair of boots! 

Durable, lightweight materials are necessary to achieve this feature  same as for insulation.

Insulation is paramount, especially on cold weather. Frostebite is a real risk, particularly on northern winters and boots are the last barrier between hunter's feet and disaster.

Waterproofing is also a key feature, no matter the weather, there's always water outside (unless you are hunting on deserts) and you need to keep your feet dry, if not, you will have problems not only to walk but also to keep your body temperature.

Finally boots must provide hunters with stealth. Noisy materials which makes your boots squeak will alert games on the area about your presence. That's the reason behind the need of flexible, strong and silent materials. Remember that you need to stay as noiseless as possible to remain undetected on the bushes.

As you may see, boots are not just shoes, but a critical factor to achieve the best possible results when hunting, so next time you go shopping for boots, keep in mind all the above features and considering them aside the very important fact that boots must be comfortable and fit well.


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