How to keep you warm while hunting

How to keep you warm while hunting

Keeping yourself warm when hunting, especially during winter is a real challenge, not only because you need proper clothing but also because of extreme and fast weather changes.

For a novice this could look simple, just taking a look to the weather forecast and dress up accordingly but out in the forest things can change drastically and you need to be ready to face it.

First thing to know is that regardless the outside temperature when beginning, you need to be prepared to face several degrees up and several degrees down along the day, especially if you are covering long distances on a sunny day. On this case you may be walking on a snowy environment and still feel hot, so be prepared to adapt quickly to outside temperature.Keep warm while hunting

The best choice for doing it is layers dressing. Use as much clothes layers as you need to feel comfortable outside, regardless temperature; at the same time you need to have extra clothing layers on your backpack in case of a temperature drop.

Once outside, put on or remove clothing layers according to outside temperature and your own convenience. If you feel too cold, add an extra layer but if you are sweating profusely, perhaps it's time to remove one or two layers.

Remember that the outer layers must be your camouflage clothes and orange vest, so extralayers must be beneath the camouflage. On this regard remember to buy an extra-sized camouflage clothing in order to leave room to extra clothing layers.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to stay dry. Humidity and low temperatures are not a good combination if you wish to stay warm, so be sure to keep waterproof and doing so begins with your feet.

A good pair of waterproof, thick boots will be very valuable to keep your feet dry and warm, otherwise once your stockings get wet, it will be almost impossible to keep your body temperature.

Hence, be familiar with the terrain and wear appropriate boots. If required have an extra pair; one for dry terrain and one for wetlands, this is particularly useful when you are hunting on water ponds.

Finally, remember to keep your face, head and hands properly insulated. On winter time it's easy to suffer of frostbite if you are are not wearing proper protection, so be prepared to protect your hands and head anytime, especially if there's storm risk.

Remember that your well being is your first priority out there, so keep yourself safe and alive for the next hunting raid.

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