Hunting on Frozen Rivers for Ducks

Hunting on Frozen Rivers for Ducks

Duck hunting may be frustrating when a hunters crowd populate public hunting lands excerpting too much pressure over ducks who will be avoiding everything looking as a threat, no matter how tiny it its.

And when the big chill arrives and all shallow water ponds where ducks use to feed before are frozen, frustration is even bigger after spending hours looking at the sky without seeing any single flight. Then it's when hunting on rivers turns a valuable strategy.

Something scaring for the non-skilled hunter but rivers offer an unique chance for remarkable results when all other waterfowl hunters remain at home waiting for the next season.

On big rivers, even when riversides are frozen, most of time the underlying currents keep a water way open at the center, something useful for those ducks looking for something to eat, thus once a duck finds an open pond on the frozen river, it doesn't take longer until many other join it, and that's your chance.Ducks hunting on ice

First thing to do is find ducks, and even when it might take longer than you expect, at the end you will look over the horizon, along the river line a crowded sky with dozens of greenheads. Once you see it, you are on the move!

Probably that section of the river will be open for a while, time enough to find a proper position, tie your boat and deploy your folding cover, that's it!

However it's not as simply as it seems. Against a completely white background it won't take longer for ducks keen eyes to spot your position and, as usual, they will leave you behind without any chance; thus you need to be fast and nimble to set everything properly without being detected.

From the above it's easy to understand that to perform a remarkable duck ice hunting you need to be ready and everything must be at your reach, otherwise you won't have a second chance; at least not on that section of the river.

And to be ready, your boat is the key. Hunting on frozen rivers is dangerous, thus you need a proper boat with deep sides, large enough to accomodate hunters, dogs and gears as well enough fuel to cover long distances with a powerful engine.

Aside the boat, you need to have everything you'll need on board. From spotlights to several guns and ammo, passing through binoculars, blinds and safety equipment like first aids kit, life saving devices, GPS, radios and so on; everything must be on board once you leave because once in the ice you must be ready to react whenever the ducks show.

Keep in mind that frozen rivers navigation is a risky task, thus be sure to be properly trained and have enough experience before leaving alone to fight frozen currents, otherwise be sure to count with an experienced captain until you gain enough experience and skills.

Probably go out for ducks on frozen rivers is not the most popular way to take some greenheads home, but for sure is a gratifying experience which payback no matter how hard it is.


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