Huting. One of the safest outdoors activities

Huting. One of the safest outdoors activities

Dealing with firearms, big animals and extreme weather conditions, usually during low visibility conditions (dawn and dusk) seems to be the perfect combination for accidents and injuries, but beyond what most might believe, hunting is among the safest outdoors activities in U.S.

Even when there are accidents and unfortunately some deaths, hunting still has the lowest accidents rate, below some others that could be considered safer, especially because of the lack of firepower.

But, what does make hunting so safe? Well, there are many reasons, some of them are the following:

1. Experience

Even when each year many people go out for their first hunting trip, all of themHunting Safety are accompanied by experienced guides and hunters, thus information about safety and safe hunting is always at everyone's reach, this way a sort of "safety culture" is built among hunters season after season, making of safe procedures something normal and natural.

2. Hunting Safety Courses

Training on Hunting Safety is mandatory on most of U.S. states to obtain a hunting license, furthermore, in some instances this training must be updated time to time in order to ensure proper accomplishment.

Then everyone who has a hunting license is obligated not only to go through proper training on safety during hunting but also to fulfill the minimum approval requirements for the course, otherwise a valid hunting license is not issued.

This way proper training and awareness about safety among hunters is guaranteed.

3. Orange Vests

Nowadays the use of an orange vest for both, humans and dogs is mandatory on virtually all U.S. territory. 

This simple measure has allowed to drastically diminish the number of hunting accidents because of many reasons:

a) Increases visibility, so hunters and their dogs are easily seen by other hunters on the area, regardless of distance, weather conditions and even light intensity.

b) Provides information about hunting mates position. Since there's not too much orange on the nature, hunters will be aware of their teammates position easily if everyone wears an orange vest.

c) Avoids confusion. There are not deer around there using an orange vet, so if you see one you won't shoot because an orange vest implies the presence of another hunter or a hunting dog.

Even when simple, the above mentioned details have made of hunting one of the safest outdoors activities, however there are still risks, so every hunter no matter if novel or experienced must be aware of risk and know how to diminish it as much as possible.

Remember, safety is on the hunter's own hands and must be the main goal on a hunting raid!


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