In group is better

In group is better

Lonely hunting might be a mindful experience plenty of peace, silence and concentration, something that time to time all we need; in fact some hunters prefer to go out alone to find that kind of peace they don't find anywhere else.

But despite such benefits, lonely hunting is a risky adventure which you should not get involved unless you are a very experienced hunter on a well known hunting ground, otherwise something beginning like a peaceful experience might end on trauma and problems.

That's why group hunting is prefered, well with a local guide or just with a bunch of friends who share the same enthusiasms for hunting.

Group hunting offers several advantages over lonely hunting being the most remarkable increased safety, but that's not the only one, let's see some other more:Hunting in groups is better

1. You may cover more terrain

More people on your hunting pack represents more loading capacity and with more supplies your group may go further away to find best hunting places with less pressure over games.

In addition, you will be able to take home bigger, heavier animals since there's must people to deal with the field dressed corpse.

2. It's a great opportunity to share time with your lovely ones

If your family and friends like hunting, that's a great chance to share time together, away from daily rush and routines, being out on the bushes will give you and your lovely ones the opportunity to share deep, emotional experiences while hunting.

If you love nature and wish to teach your kids respect for animals, environment and earth, a hunting excursion is a great chance to do it.

3. Increased communication capabilities

Even when you will wish to stay "unplugged" from civilization while hunting, in case of an emergency more people represents increased communication capabilities, no only because there will be more cell phones and radio equipment, but also because a group might lead an expedition to find help if there's no way to communicate by phone or radio.

4. More eyes spotting

Four eyes see better than two, thus while more people your group have, more chances to find a game when spotting. 

However there's also more people which might be detected by your game, then discipline is important to keep stealth when needed, otherwise one minor mistake from one member may lead to a groupal hunting fail.

5. Teamwork

Working together on hunting leads to increased skills working with a group, thus it's not just about hunting and recreation but also to learn and get skilled working as a team, something important for all of us, especially the youngest hunters.

It remains clear that group hunting is much better than lonely expeditions, however if you still wish to stay alone, try to count at least with a guide. That will increase your opportunities in case something goes bad.

But if you wish to share a great experience with the ones you love, sharing a hunting trail will be the best chance to do something different, increasing collaborations and tightening your ties.

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