Introduction to arrows points

Introduction to arrows points

Most of people, particularly beginners on bow hunting, expend a lot of time thinking about the camouflage, hunting gear and the bow itself but tend to forget about the keystone of bow hunting: the arrows; especially the arrow points.

No matter how sophisticated your gear is or how good the bow, if you don't have a good arrow or the point is not the proper one, you'll miss your catch or even worse, it will be destroyed by the arrow, especially if it's a small game.

On this regard it's mandatory to know as much as possible about the different arrows points and what kind of game each one is intended to be used on.

The options are wide as well materials and shapes but on this very first post the aim is to cover the basics in order to go deeper later on new posts.

Before going out for hunting you must be aware of what kind of game you are looking for because the arrow tip for rabbits hunting is very different from that used Broadhead point to hunt big gamesto take down a deer; so prepare your arrows and points depending of what you are going to hunt.

There are three main types of points, each one specialized on a particular game:

Blunt points:

This type of point are flat instead of pointed and may be built on rubber or plastic. The aim is not to penetrate the skin but kill by shok, so they are flare out at the tip to increase the impact zone. Blunt points are intended for small games such as rabbits, squirrels and grouse.

Bowfishing Points:

These points are made up on steel and designed to catch fishes. It's strong tip is able to penetrate the hard scales of big fishes but the most important feature is the incorporation of strong, screw off or retractable barbs to retrieve your game, otherwise the badly hurt fish could go away to die far from you.


These are a group of sharped blades built together to form a letal point. It's a very heavy point intended to deeply penetrate skin and muscles reaching vital organs to kill big games such as deer. 

There are many types of broadheads, each one intended for a specialized task but whichever the model, the most important thing is to keep the blades as sharp as possible.

As it may be seen, the arrows point chapter is complex and interesting, so it's mandatory to learn a lot about it in order to increase your success odds but, as usual, it's not only the arrow point but the practice which will make of you a great bow hunter.

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