Introduction to Pheasant Hunting

Introduction to Pheasant Hunting

Pheasant hunting is very good to introduce new hunters on bird games, but also is a good practice for experienced hunters looking for something different.

But even if you are an experienced hunter or a beginner, there are a few tips making easier your start as a pheasant hunter, so let's see what's needed to grasp the basics about pheasant hunting:

1. Be silent and quiet

As many other games, pheasants have a keen ear sight so being extremely silent and quiet will give you an edge.

Since the time you close your truck door, be extremely cautious to make almost no noise, otherwise even pheasants located hundred of yards away will leave the area even before you begin your hunting trail.

Once in the field, move quietly and speak as low as possible, even better if you use hand signals instead of chatting with your hunting partners.Pheasant Hunting Tips

The key of success is stealth, and being silent is crucial!

2. Move slowly

Once again, if pheasants detect your presence before you see them, they will just run away into safety much before you are able to shoot. 

Since movement is detected by pheasants easier than human shape, any abnormal signal on the area will alert the birds and they will fly away; so move slowly and make frequent stops to avoid being detected.

3. Spot the edges

Pheasants don't live in one single habitat but in many, sharing their time between bushes and open lands, so spotting the edges between different habitats type will give you an edge to catch them while moving from one are to another.

Fence lines and ditches are great way to spot on, so keep eyes wide open and try to locate pheasants when moving from one habitat to the other.

4. Hunt on extended time

Pheasants are very active early in the morning, but what many beginners ignore is the fact they are very active late afternoon as well, so when all other hunters have left the area and the sun have gone, your chances to find a big rooster increase.

With the above in mind, be prepared to hunt on extended time and take advantage of late afternoon pheasants activity when all other hunters are on their way home.

5. Fight the elements

Once the snow arrives, most of pheasant hunters gives an end to the season; great mistake! 

Late season hunting is a great way to locate pheasants, so if you are strong enough to fight cold temperatures and snow, your pay will be high! 

Of course there are many other tips to become a master pheasant hunter, but with the aforementioned tips in mind, you have enough to begin your practice.

Good look on your next pheasant hunting trail!

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