Introduction to Pigeons Hunting

Introduction to Pigeons Hunting

Many people ask themselves why would anyone go out for pigeons? After all, it's not the most popular species to shoot at; but still there are many pigeons hunters, so, which is the aim?

Well, pigeons, specifically feral pigeons are considered a pest; they invade a region and compete with local birds for resources, having an edge because they are very prolific. So pigeons endanger other species.

Even more, near farms or any other agricultural complexes pigeons become a real problem because they feed on farming fields, leading to considerable loses and becoming not only a problem but also an economic burden, especially for small Pigeons Huntingfarmers.

On this regards, pigeons hunting regulations are light or don't exist at all, converting them on a great option for hunting, particularly in between waterfowl seasons, when most of hunters and their dogs are inactive, just seated waiting for the new season to arrive.

Meanwhile their skills get rusty as well their dog's. Instead those going out for pigeons keep in motion, can practice all day long and once waterfowl season arrives, they will be ready to go.

Pigeons hunting is really a great option since there's not an specific season, so you may go out and hunt those birds all year long. Think about being out there hunting whenever you like and with a nice weather. Isn't that terrific?

Furthermore, there's no bag limit for pigeons hunting, so you may shoot at them until running out of amo. You also may go out hunting with your dog, so both of you will have plenty of action, being the only limit how many shells you have with you. 

Remember, there's no specific pigeons hunting season, so it's a good option to keep your birds hunting skills up to date, training young dogs to trace and retrieve, and even introduce your kids on birds hunting.

But don't get wrong. Going out for pigeons is not as easier as you might think. A good knowledge and proper technique are required, so before going out to catch these birds, be sure to learn the Basics about Pigeons Hunting by clicking here.

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