Is it possible for alliens to hunt in U.S.?

Is it possible for alliens to hunt in U.S.?

Hunting expeditions in U.S., specifically those for big games in western states are legendary and many non-U.S. hunters with a wide experience on their own countries would love to make the trip just to live the experience, but considering U.S. strict regulations on this matter, many of them have many doubts regarding about the chances as well requirements.

Good news are that it's possible for non-resident aliens to hunt in the United States, but as many of foreign hunters think; it's mandatory to comply with a few requirements; some of them logistical and other legal.

First thing to do is determining what species you wish to hunt; specially for big games because there's specific, limited days on the season (sometimes just a week) for those species; in addition you will need an special hunting tag issued by each state and sometimes there's so few that even local hunters are not able to obtain one because of the high demand.

So, once you have choosen the game, it's necessary to make travel arrangements in order to be there enough time before to comply with the Non-immigrant aliens Hunting License Requirementspaperwork and set up everything in the field (lodging, guides, etc).

Even when a guide is mandatory only in Alaska; it's highly recommended to hire a local, experimented local hunting guide, otherwise your chances to succeed are poor while the opportunities to get lost on such a vast wilderness are high.

Regarding paperwork; same as any other hunters in U.S., non-citizens aliens need to comply with firearm regulations as peer the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as well pasing Hunter Education training.

Once the above requirements are met, any non-immigrant alien may apply for an out of the state hunting license and pay the respective fees. If your license is approved then you could need specific species tags (not mandatory for all species, differing state to state) so be sure to be aware of local regulations on this matter.

Finally, get information about local regulations as hunting days, permitted hunting hours as well public and private lands hunting requirements, especially considering that for private land hunting you'll need owner's permission as well to comply with specific owner's property local regulations.

At this point you are ready to hit the bushes, so prepare your backpack, your equipment, call your guide and be ready to begin your U.S. Hunting Experience. You may choose bow hunting, crossbow hunting and even firearms hunting.

However, regarding the fact to bringing your own firearm to U.S., you will find information on our next post.


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