Keep mosquitoes away

Keep mosquitoes away

Camping and hunting as well many outdoor activities are exciting and very entertaining but if you don't keep in mind how to control the negative issues of being outside in nature, a wonderful trip might turn into a nightmare suddenly.

Yes, it's funny and great to be outdoors but there are also some negative characteristics and risks requiring attention to avoid unexpected consequences and yes, camping and hunting might be risky and even deadly if you don't behave properly.

Perhaps the first risk jumping to your mind when you talk about the risks of camping and hunting is about a fire, a wild animal attack, or even a gun accident, and even when those are real possibilities, it's not as usual as one might expectAvoid mosquitoes bites but there's something virtually all camper or hunter is exposed to, a potentially deadly, imperceptible risk: Mosquito bites.

Especially in wet areas, when the weather is warm, mosquitos may be a real nightmare. Their buzzing and bites may force you to leave an area, only to find mosquitoes everywhere!

Certainly, it's not grateful to become a myriad insects' dinner so, the best choice is to be prepared in advance to avoid such situation, preventing not only mosquitoes bites but also deadly diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, and even Chikungunya fever, especially in tropical and subtropical areas.

The first thing to do is investigate local mosquitoes activities patterns. In endemic areas mosquitoes are found all day long, but in certain timeframes they become more active, particularly at dawn and dusk, so knowing the peak mosquitoes hours it's possible to find shelter before millions of mosquitoes are out for dinner.

Usually, the peak lasts between one or two hours, afterward their activity declines and it's possible to be outside with a regular amount of mosquitoes flying around you instead of a cloud of them.

There's still a risk, so it's important to find a way to minimize the chances of getting bitten.

A good idea is to cover your skin as much as possible with thick fabrics. The thicker the fabric, the lesser the chances of a mosquito reaching your skin, and even when the weather is hot, wearing long sleeves and pants minimizes the exposed skin area susceptible to bites.

Despite the above, applying mosquito repellent all over your skin, exposed and unexposed minimizes the chances of mosquitoes' attacks, but there's always a possibility, so don't hesitate to add some extra layers of protection.

Usually smoke keeps away mosquitoes, so a fire will help to scare these creatures away. Adding some green branches to produce more smoke is a good idea same as burning some citronella wood. It seems its smell helps to drive away mosquitoes.

Finally, when it's time to sleep, the use of a mosquito net will help to prevent bites during the night.

Certainly, there will be always a chance of being bitten, but the lower the number of bites, the lesser discomfort, and risk of getting sick.

In this regard, if you are planning to camp or hunt in an area known because of mosquitoes' transmitted diseases, get a vaccine if available, such as in the case of yellow fever, and find medical advice if you develop symptoms like fever or chills.

At the end of the day, mosquitoes are a concern to keep in mind but they must not discourage you from enjoying outdoor activities!

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